Build a better product list—and your next bestselling brand.

You need to build a "best-ever product list" yet again (weren't you doing this yesterday?)You've pored over spreadsheets, trying to find a hidden gem in your backlist. You're wondering which author is your next diamond-in-the-rough (and which has lost their sheen).

Allow us to help you with that.

Reading Pulse Can Help Publishers:



Get an aggregate view of the publishing landscape, and see where you can differentiate from the competition.

Understand where your readers are, and where they (and their dollars) are going.

Get customized analysis of your frontlist and backlist.




Find the optimal price point to maximize your sales opportunities—we'll help you.


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Discover which of your authors has untapped potential.

Grow and maintain brands more effectively.


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Find out which products are losing steam in the marketplace.

Learn which authors are costing you revenue.


Make decisions supported by six years of publishing research.