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Reading Pulse

About Reading Pulse™

Reading Pulse™ surveys are broad-based consumer tracking studies of readers and non-readers. Unlike studies that focus on sales data and samples of readers, our comprehensive approach compares readers' attitudes, habits, and purchase patterns against the general population. This provides you with the most accurate and broad-based assessment of the U.S. market.

The results of our report are based on six years of survey research among a national sample of U.S. adults ages 18+. 

Whether you are a publisher, marketer, or author, our segmented data will help you find your audience, create brands readers want, and sell more books.


About Targoz Strategic Marketing

Reading Pulse surveys are a service of Targoz Strategic Marketing, a market research company specializing in qualitative and quantitative research. As certified industry experts in online, in-person, and telephone research, we can help you understand why people make the decisions they do and how you can best influence them.

With comprehensive and precise experience in public opinion research, Targoz Strategic Marketing offers a diverse portfolio of client solutions that transforms relevant insights into actionable foresight.

In addition to our syndicated Reading Pulse surveys, we can create custom reports specific to your organization based on our Reading Pulse data or through additional surveys specific to your needs. As we go back in the field for our next study, this is a great time to discuss any customizations you may need.

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